About Us


GREEN, initially formed by the grouping of a number of firms and consulting houses, and today comprising several specialized entities, brings together a team of experts and professionals that have been working together throughout the world for over twenty years with in-depth expertise in all aspects related to environment and sustainable development. GREEN’s experts, consultants and full-time staff number more than three hundred people, utilizing state-of-the-art methodologies, technologies and equipment and adapting them to local needs, conditions and resources wherever they work. The diversity and experience of GREEN and its staff has enabled it to act as a channel of technology, expertise and solutions between various countries and cultures, allowing it to positively and effectively contribute to development.




Our vision is to be the most qualified and respected company in the environmental industry. We will do this though promoting and creating a better, safe and healthy environmentally based culture. This will be achieved with according to our integrity and ethics presented in our work. Furthermore, our work is supported with creativity, motivation and inclusivity that are represented by our Research and Development department.



Our company’s mission is being one of the best, trustworthy and professional environmental firms across the world. We also do our maximum in building relations with our clients and partners in order to achieve a more developed sustainable world. In addition, with our relations with our partners and clients we can compete internationally. Moreover, we are targeting to be the only company that really represents how “GREEN” should be.



We conduct our work with some aspects in mind, and we strive to achieve excellence and brilliance in all what we present, putting into consideration the ethical standards. We also consider:


•   Diversity

•   Safety

•   Unity

•   Professionalism

•   Respect

•   Sustainability

•   Excellence