NORM Treatment

Over the past several decades, there has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of producing a ‘quality end product’ for all disposed radioactive waste. This is achievable only by obtaining a thorough and accurate assessment of the physical, chemical and radiological characteristics of the waste, a process which is referred to as ‘waste characterization.’ This must be accomplished or verified at the point of generation, during waste conditioning, and upon disposal, with a clear demonstration that the waste meets the performance objectives established by the disposal acceptance criteria. Moreover, it must be accomplished in a systematic manner using proven methodologies, technologies and techniques with an overriding emphasis on quality assurance and quality control.

Proper control of chemical and radiochemical parameters of radioactive waste within the entire waste management life cycle, and careful testing of the quality of final waste forms and waste packages, are principal components in any waste management strategy. Failure in control procedures at any step can cause important consequences, not only in follow-up steps, but, in some cases, may result in generating waste packages which are not compliant with the waste acceptance criteria for long term storage or disposal.

GREEN company could provide your esteemed company by:

  1. Remediation of contaminated soil services ( full survey & NORM radio-active waste management to store at the temporary storage facilities approved by NRRA )
  2. Decontamination for all types of vessels (desalters, oil/water separators, pressure vessels, etc.,) and tanks and radioactive waste management.
  3. Decontamination for all types of ESP, handling and processing pumps.
  4. NORM awareness sessions for personnel.