Tourism & Resource Management Services


1. Archeology and Cultural Resources Management

2. Marine Resource Studies and Coastal Zone Management

3. Integrated Water Resources Management Plans

4. Wildlife/Botanical Surveys

5. Protected Species Studies and Mitigation

6. Threatened/Endangered Species Assessments

7. Nature Conservation, Protection and Resource Damage Assessments

8. Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

9. Ecolodge Design and Management

10. Ecological Restoration and Ecosystem Management

11. Environmental and Quality Management Systems

12. Environmental Impact Assessments/Statements

13. ISO 9000/14000 implementation, compliance and auditing

14. Environmental Land Use Planning

15. Environmental Site Assessment, Characterization, and Substance Remediation

16. Environmental Safety, Disaster Control, and Emergency Preparedness Plans

17. Remedial Action Plans and Designs

18. Risk Assessments & Reduction